It’s easy to understand why people say that it’s hard to keep up with me. I can barely keep up with myself sometimes! Our lives zigzag between travel destinations, photo shoots, creative endeavors, etc. I, personally wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s boring doing the same things, day after day. I think that’s one of the things that makes me a creative person. I thrive off of making new things and having new experiences. For some people, it’s very much the opposite.

I’m reflecting on this kind of mentality as I look back on our very abrupt shift from traveling around Southeast Asia to settling back in the States. I love that we can shift from the exotic to the familiar, from the ship’s 6-star restaurants to the local dive bar, and from photographing temples, buddhas and floating markets to photographing babies and kids.



At left: Shooting in the tiny Vietnamese town of Hoi An. At right: Shooting little Madison in New Jersey.

As a disclaimer here, I am not a “real” baby photographer. In fact, babies freak me out a little because they’re so darn delicate. I don’t even touch them until they can hold their heads up! But I’m always up for a challenge, and I’d been photographing by best friend’s family forever. So when her family scored some recent additions, I was there… camera in hand. (Sometimes, I don’t think her kids even recognize me if I don’t have a camera in front of my face.) Luckily, I had the opportunity to watch an online class on baby photography from the amazing Kelly Brown, so I took some mental notes before going into this blind. When I photograph people (including mini people) I like to keep things really simple, using natural light and simple backgrounds. I learned that newborns are fun because you can kind of mold them, and wrap them and use all kinds of fun props. The challenge will come if you’re not patient. Unlike the peaceful, stoic buddhas we spent two months shooting, babies get pissed off! If they’re not happy with what’s going on, it’s best to just back off and wait until they’re ready. I knew this going in, and blocked off a lot of time for the shoots.

The images that I shot immediately after arriving back in the U.S. are of Lily, Ella and Madison. And because I never posted them before, I’m including the photos I shot of Ella back when she was a newborn as well.

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