South Korea is another one of those places that we probably wouldn’t think to travel to on our own, but we sure were excited when our ship docked in the city of Busan (also spelled Pusan) for the day.



Upon arriving in a new country, we immediately try to obtain some of the local currency. In South Korea, it’s apparently easy to be a “millionaire.” :-P


The first place we visited was the Beomeosa Temple, which is situated on a mountain slope and accessible by bus or taxi. Originally built in 678, it’s one of the more well-known temples in South Korea and is made up of several colorful buildings. It’s a nice place to photograph and we spent at least 90 minutes there.

Our next stop was the downtown fish market, which we got to via the public bus system. By this point, we were used to looking like confused tourists, so when we had to hold out a handful of unrecognizable (to us) coins to the bus driver, gesturing for him to just take what he needed, we just laughed about it.

The fish market in Busan was one of the craziest markets I’ve ever been to. There were so many different kinds of fresh fish on display and many of them are ginormous, still alive, and/or insanely creepy. There were literally octopi trying to crawl their way of buckets and onto the street. To me, the most wild thing about the place was that there was zero fish smell. None. That’s how fresh everything was. There was an indoor portion to the market as well and the entire second floor was all for dining. Thank goodness we opted against eating there, because our fellow cruise guests DID try to eat there and showed us a video of their meals being delivered. No joke, the fish were still moving on their plate.

With the remainder of our evening, we decided to seek out a location for shooting a yoga image. The Yongdusan Park was within walking distance for us and appeared to have some interesting architecture. I knew this because, when traveling abroad, I always purchase an international data plan for my phone so that we can access the internet and the map app (a life saver) when we’re out exploring. The main part of the park is situated at the top of a pretty high hill, so we got a bit of a workout climbing the stairs to get there. Once at the top, we ran into our friends Chris and Leola, who also teach on board the ship. It’s always fun to run into people you know in really exotic places. We took a yoga image in front of one of the ornate pavilions there and then moved on.

From the park, we walked a few blocks to the world’s largest department store. I’m not a big shopper, but we wanted to check out the view from the roof, which also housed a small park (yes… a park on the top of a building). It turns out, we ended up getting two more great yoga images there before heading back to the ship.