A lot of people fear change. Call me strange, but I thrive on it. When I was young, my mom worried about me because I always got bored with day-to-day life. I always needed something big in the queue. In that sense, I haven’t changed a bit. It’s why I love the mobile lifestyle. We visit one place, explore it, and then move on to a new place. There’s new scenery and new atmosphere all the time.

In about a year (give or take a few months), Ben will be selling the current bus we live on and we will be moving onto the vintage bus, which has been a major project that’s still in the works). Will I be sad to leave the current bus? Yes. I’ll even cry. I’m sure of it. But at the same time, I’m so looking forward to the next bus…. not only because it will be adorable and totally custom-designed for our needs, but also because it will be a new experience.

So let’s look forward a few years, shall we? The vintage bus will be a major chapter in our lives. It will be wonderful. But how long will we want to live on it full-time? Neither of us know, really. What we DO know is that after a life on the road, we would both like to explore a life on the water. We would still be nomadic, but instead of moving from one RV park to another, we’d be moving from one marina to another. Now, I will admit… this scares me. The ocean is scary, but still an intriguing idea that I just cant seem to shake. When Ben first brought up the idea of living on a yacht, I wasn’t completely gung-ho on it. I picture these sterile-looking, bullet-shaped yachts that rich folks keep in a marina somewhere to show off. They were more pretty than functional, in my opinion.

On our way north from San Diego, we were very lucky to be invited out on a cruise with Jim & Linda.

Enter Nordhavn. Things changed for me. Ben took me to an event called Trawler Fest last year and I toured several trawler-style yachts. To me, trawlers were SO different! They were sturdy, beautiful, and extremely seaworthy. They were made to do more than just hug the coast and sip cocktails on. When it came to Nordhavns (our favorite trawler brand), they can even cross oceans. They are some of the only power boats with this capability. That’s some serious s***. If they can cross oceans with little to no problems, imagine how amazing they’d be on shorter passages!

I think Ben had mixed feelings about my reaction to the trawlers. In one sense, he was happy because living on the water was always something he wanted to do. In another sense, I was falling in love with a lifestyle that carried a whole lot of dollar signs! The good thing is that this would be many years down the road. But isn’t it interesting that we haven’t even moved on to the vintage bus yet and we’re already looking to the next thing? It’s just how we roll (or float), I guess.

On the fly bridge, Ben watches Jim navigate out of the marina.

So why am I writing about this now? Well, just before we left California (we’re in Vegas now), we met up with Jim and Linda Lenthall. Jim had attended one of Ben’s photography workshops a few months ago and they had struck up a conversation about boats. When we learned that Jim had a 47′ Nordhavn, Ben started asking lots of questions (that’s the size Ben would eventually like to have). In the course of the conversation, Jim invited us to come and see the boat when we would be in town. On our way out of San Diego, we stopped near the marina and he and Linda met us on the boat and even gave us a tour. It was just wonderful to talk to people who have been traveling on their trawler for years. They’ve been to Mexico several times, recently went on a months-long trip to Alaska and are looking forward to visiting Panama in the near future. This just sounded amazing to me and Ben, and we both just adored the boat. In fact, we probably had to occasionally wipe the drool off our chins!

My goofy self-portrait

After a wonderful night hanging out on the boat, Jim and Linda invited us to go out on a cruise with them. So on Friday morning, we met them back at the marina, and they took the boat out. It was FANTASTIC! We loved seeing how everything worked and it was great to get an idea of what these things felt like on the water. The ocean was really rolling, which was good because an overly mellow sea would have given us a sugar-coated experience.We even got some porpoises riding the waves from the hull for a bit. I was in my glory!

Ben’s thinking he could handle this one day…

When we got back to the marina, we hung out on the fly bridge and shared some snacks and brews. Yup… Ben and I can very much see ourselves living this lifestyle one day. In my opinion, it would be ideal to eventually live on a boat but also have the vintage bus stored somewhere for land tours. This would be a perfect world for us. But of course… we’re the “fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants” type, so who knows where we’ll be in a few years. If we had to predict though… we’d like to see a trawler in our future.

Ben and Jim in front of Jim’s 47′ Nordhavn trawler

On a logistical note, we stayed in Huntington Beach for a few days after we moved on from San Diego and then made it back to Las Vegas. More to come…

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